Welcome to CASDAP

CASDAP is the acronym for “Composite ARNG Development & Assessment Program”. It is designed to allow for a continuous monitoring and improvement to the State ARNG Safety program. National Guard Bureau schedules every state and territory on a three cycle that includes a self assessment as a Phase 1, a remote assessment for a Phase 2 followed by an onsite visit, Phase 3.

Phase 1

The first year the State conducts a Self-Assessment of their State Safety Program.This includes the 26 Program Elements in AR-385-10.

Phase 2

The second year, a Remote Assessment is conducted by National Guard remotely. Documents are up loaded to a folder dedicated for that State  on GKO.

Phase 3

The third year in the cycle, the CASDAP Team will travel to conduct an onsite assessment at the State’s location and then the cycle starts all over again.

Regulations & References

A list of regulations to assist in building a successful Safety Program.

Guard Knowledge Online

GKO provides an organized folder structure to upload and store documents.

What to expect for your Phase 3

The Phase usually starts with an In-Brief on a Tuesday morning and an Out-brief that Thursday.