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Where can I find the CASDAP checklist for my state?
Go to GKO and navigate to “CASDAP State Folder”
Where can I find Point of Contact for Safety programs?
GKO has a spreadsheet of Safety personnel on an excel sheet and as a list you can access once you log in.
You may contact Charlie Morris also at 703-598-3005.
Where can I find the assessment schedule?
Look for the calendar in GKO. (cac required)


What is the best way to prep?
CASDAP has been around for years and States are consistently doing well. A well documented SOP that covers all of the questions and 26 Program Elements is a great start. Check with states that have been recently been assessed and gather notes from them You may also contact us online with this form and someone will call you you back.
Who do I call if I have trouble connecting to GKO?
For initial sign on issues call 1-866-335-ARMY (2769)
You try 844-722-2373 or 703-607-9614 also
What phases do I need to upload documents into GKO?
Phase one is a self inspection. Phase 2 is when the documents are required to be uploaded into you State’s folder.  A member of the CASDAP inspection Team will work with your State Safety officer to conduct an offsite assessment. These can be used to assist with the Phase 3 (onsite visit) also.
Are there any best practices?
Some of the best practices are being gathered and will be available soon on GKO.
How long is the onsite assessment?
The team usually arrives on a Monday. Tuesday morning is the in-brief and and the continues through Wednesday. The out-brief is usually Thursday morning in the AM. The assessment team lead will work with the State Safety Manager for the details.